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Nikhil Ranade Photography:

Nikhil has been very passionate about his photography since his childhood. He believes in the philosophy that a photo not only depicts the external beauty but tends to reflect the person as he or she is from within. Three years of professional work in Insurance industry has given Nikhil a grand platform to observe the human behavior very closely. Therefore, he manages to make even the new comers in the fashion world absolutely comfortable. Meanwhile, Nikhil completed his Diploma in Fashion Photography from a renowned "National Institute of Photography, Mumbai". After completing the diploma Nikhil decided to make his childhood dream a reality. Nikhil is now a full time professional fashion photographer.

Moreover, being from the theatre background and having worked in a few very popular TV serials himself, Nikhil understands the expectations from the portfolio of an actor or a model. This is a huge bonus for all those who want to create their own portfolios.

Nikhil -

I believe in beauty but more so in a personified beauty. A photographer is an artist that brings out that latent beauty in every individual and I do precisely that. I have received considerable appreciation and credit for my skills. So if you feel you don't look good in photos, it means you haven't met me before!

I have a good opportunity for all those youngsters who are taking their steps towards modeling and acting. If you feel that making your portfolios was a costly affair, then think again! So what are you waiting for? Contact me today.